Sunday, 18 June 2017


I guess its a blogger's thing to do a beautiful eye makeup on the hand. Here's my try on how I achieved such a pretty eye makeup on my hand. i will be mentioning the products used to create this look as well as a small hyper-lapse that I recorded while doing it. I hope you guys like this content on my blog and the video as well!

I started off with putting on my moisturizer which i would normally apply on my face while doing the makeup. So the moisturizer that I used is by Neutrogena. It is the one used for combination skin.

the second product i used was the Loreal magic nude liquid powder. I used the make up sponge by real techniques to blend it out. And finally I used the BB cream by ponds on my hand so that the products i am using stand out.

since the eye shadows are a little bit powdery, i applied a tiny amount of baby oil so that it acts like a primer and helps my eye shadows stick on to my skin very well.
Here's where the show actually begins. the first eye makeup I used is from Daiso. the beautiful brown colour used as the  transition colour does the job really well. I drew the upper part (crease of the eye) using this colour and made the shape of the eye.

the next product I used is from Maybelline. I used the white shimmery pigment like how i would normally use on the lids of my eyes. so here's the thing, you have to be very careful while you are blending the colours, because you don't want to end up mixing them. 
So after I was done applying the white colour on the imaginary lid part, I used this beautiful dark pink from the Lakme quartz palette to draw the outer corner of my eye. i also used a bit of the grey to make it a bit dark and intense. 
the major begins here. i used the baby oil again, on top of the white lid colour that i earlier applied. again, i used it so that it acts as a primer/glue to the glitter pigment I was using. The gitter I used is not actually a makeup product, but is actually a craft product. Yes, you read that right. its in the colour- pale copper, which perfectly looks like rose gold. its a little risky to use on the eyes because the pigment, when enters the eye may cause irritation. I had used it once on my eye. but had to be very careful so that it is not causing any irritation. well lets come back, so I used the same eye makeup sponge to carefully spread the glitter.

after it was all done. I used the eyeliner by Lakme to carefully line my eye and made a beautiful wing shape. I had even used the colossal kajal by Maybelline to intensify the liner.  
to draw the eye lashes, I used the felt tip pen by Maybelline.

For the eye brow, i used the same brown eye shadow to draw its shape. I wanted to give it a little bit of a streaky effect that usually the hair on the brow give. so to do that I used the eye brow mascara by NYX Cosmetics.
the final thing i did was to highlight the imaginary brow bone using the same white shimmery eye shadow that i earlier used on the lid.
so that's how I finally created this eye look. Here's the hyper-lapse of the makeup look:-


Friday, 16 June 2017

Easy home made granola bars!

granola bars are something that everyone loves and these are very handy to carry while travelling or eating after a good workout.
This recipe is very easy and it takes very little time to get ready. Here are two ways to make the granola bars!

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1/2 cups Dried oats (roasted)
1/2 cups Corn flakes (crushed)
1/2 cups Roasted almonds (chopped)
1/2 cups Chocolate chips
1/2 cups Honey

1/3 cups raisins
1/3 cups dried figs (cut into very tiny pieces)

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl.
If you want to bake it, then pre heat the oven to 180C and bake it for 15 to 20 minutes, or until they look beautiful golden brown.
If you dont want to bake it, then lightly greese a pan and spread out the mixture evenly and store it in your refrigerator overnight.
After they are ready, you can top them up with some more chocolates or enjoy as it is!! I personally love garnishing it with extra chocolate!
NOTE: if you feel your mixture is too dry, then you can add a bit of honey to it. Or if you feel it is too runny, then you can add some cornflakes to add crunch or any of the above ingredients you love!

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Weeks ago I went to a restaurant and tried bread pudding.Me and my mom loved it so much, that I thought I should try my hands on making a similar kind of a bread pudding. I then searched for various recipes on various websites, but I was satisfied with none. And then I finally decided that I'll try making it as my version. I hope you guys love it, and if you make it, don't forget to tag me on the picture!


10 to 12 cups of milk bread cut into small cubes
2.5 cups of milk
2.5 cups of fresh cream
1 tbsp softened butter
1 cup granulated white sugar
6 eggs
2 tsp vanilla extract
1/8 tsp salt
1tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup raisins
1/2 cup toasted nuts
lemon or orange zest
chocolate flakes or fresh cream

Make sure there are no edges on your bread cubes.

Grease a baking dish and arrange a layer of the bread cubes in it. If you are using the nuts or the raisins sprinkle on top of the arranged bread layer.

To make the custard, mix the milk, cream, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt and cinnamon(if using).

Pour it on the bread layer. Keep layering the bread cubes and the custard alternating, making sure that the last layer of custard is a little above the last layer of the layer bread cubes.

Cover the baking dish with an aluminum foil or a cling wrap, and refrigerate for 1 hour or overnight so that all the bread cubes soak in the custard.

Remove the foil or the cling, and bake the pudding at 325 for 45 to 55 minutes until the top is beautifully golden brown. also, to check if it is done, when you insert a toothpick in the middle of the pudding it should come out nice and clean!

Wait for 10 to 15 minutes until it cools a bit.

Garnish the dessert with either chocolate flakes or fresh cream and it is ready to serve!

So that was my version of the bread pudding. Do not forget to tag me, and also to share this recipe!

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Nexcare Face Cleansing Pads

Winters are back again. Which means upgrading your skin care routine.
So i was at my local grocery store the other day, searching for a good scrub to get rid of the dry skin on my face. Just then, i got my hands on these cleansing pads. There are all together 6 pads in one package. And it is very economical as the price is just Rs 50.
Talking about the information on the package, i would say that it is clear enough to understand, as it very esay to use.
These pads are water based. And these pads are supposed to lift off the dry dulling skin cells, make up, dirt and excess oil. They leave the skin smooth and soft and the pads are dermatologically tested too.
Usage wise, one pad is to be used for a single wash. They are easy to use, and travel friendly. These pads have a kind of soap in them. When you start working it on your wet face, the pad starts to lather up.
What i honestly feel about these face cleansing pads is that, they actually work very good. If you have dry or oily skin, it will help you. When i used it, i could feel that the dry skin from my face has removed and my skin felt oil free. I am not sure if i would recommend this product to a person with very sensitive skin, but if you have a dull skin or dry or oily skin, i guess you should definitely give it a try. And as you use one pad, the colour of it changes from peach to white, which i guess is because of the soap present in it.
Over all, i believe this product is a good buy!

Monday, 31 October 2016

Jojo moyes book review!

Today's blog is all about a review on Jojo Moyes' books Me abefore You and After You. After You is a sequel Me before You. Both the stories are very beautifully written. It will surely make you grab a tissue for all thoses tears you will shed.

Taking about Me Before You, most of us might have already watched the movie adapted from the book. But to be honest, you will love the book more than the movie. As for the book, it retails for 399 indian rupees, and has 497 pages of the total story. The cover of the book has the  main star cast of the movie, Emilia Clarke and Sam Claflin, where Emilia plays the role of Louisa Clarke and Sam plays the role of Will Traynor.
The story revolves around a girl, Louisa, who works for the Traynors after she loses her job at the buttered bun bakery. She is full of life and very 'chatty'. Her only aim at work is to make Will happy and make him live. But however, she fails and Will goes to Dignitas. I would personally  rate this book 4/5.

After You, is more on the complex side in Louisa's life. She moves her house and lives alone in an apartment in a new city, where neither she knows anyone, nor does anyone else knows about her. She works in a bar at the airport. She hate her job because of her boss, but cannot do anything about that as she really needs the job.  On night she encounters with a girl named Lilly, who apparently is Will's daughter. From then, her life completely changes. This story, where the author is showing Louisa's life after the death of Will Traynor is more sad and depressing. I would personally rate this book 2.5/5.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Since Eid is around the corner, i thought why not share some eid outfit ideas with you guys!
so here are a few dresses that i think you can totally wear on the eid,


wearing some thing simple, with a beautiful dupatta can really pop up th look of your out fit.


a long maxi dress is perfect for this day!


a beautiful embroidered top with plain bottom and dupatta can also work!


  for all those who want to keep it simple, this type of a dress is perfect for them!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Small drugstore make up haul!

I have been shopping a lot lately. Because after all, it's a kind of a therapy for us ladies, isn't it!? so out off all the things that i bought, there a few drugstore makeup products.  I thought why not share my views on them. So here's a small review on each of the products that I had bought. Starting of i bought 3 products from revlon, which are the revlon colorstay moisture stain, the new revlon dramatic definition massacred, and lastly, the revlon photo ready 3D volume mascara. Talking about the moisture stain, i would say that it's a good product, with an impressive pigmentation. When you apply it, your lips feel very hydrated and moisturized. Application wise, it is very easy to apply as well. the shade that i bought is 202 - Rio Rush

The dramatic definition mascara is like my new love! It gives so much drama to the lashes after application, that you don't have to apply and falsies!

Talking about the photo ready 3D volume mascara, it is also a very good product. Except for the fact that I feel that it takes a little time to dry. It does not give the lashes any sort of a drama as such, butI  believe that the lashes look a little voluminous.

I have never actually got my hands on any of the NYX products until when i saw that this eye shadow palette was on a crazy offer! I wasn't in the mood of buying any sort of a makeup product, but when I saw the offer, I thought lets change the plans. So this palette has 3 colors. The first color is like a little bit peachy white, the second color is a shimmery ash, and lastly the third one is matte black. The palette number is LR01. I believe that it is very handy and travel friendly, as the size of the package is very small.

Max factor is also another brand that I never actually used. I may have used it but I quiet not sure about it. So when I was roaming in the store, I found this beautiful pink lipstick that I thought I must buy it. I literally love the packaging. It looks very classy and chic. Application wise, it is very creamy and very subtle. It leaves your lips feeling very hydrated. It one of those products that you can wear it when you don't want to actually wear a lot of makeup. The shade I have is the ETERNAL FLAME 630.

talking about the brand I have never or i may have tried, there is another product that i bought, which is the bourgeois regard paillete sparkling eyeliner. i havent actually used the product but when i was in the store, i swatched it and to be honest, I immediately  felt that i should buy it no matter what. it is a beautiful blue color shimmery eye liner pencil. the shade is 36 LAGON ENSOLEILLE.

The last two products that i bought are the boreal color riche eye color pencils in the shades 06 DELICATE BEIGE and 10 SUGAR VANILLA. to be honest, i have never actually used eye color pencils before. but when I saw them I thought maybe i will not buy them. but when I swatched them onto my hand, I was like, girl, you gotta buy that pencil! they are so beautiful, that you can wear them every day!

so that is what I basically bought. And honestly, I am loving them. Give this blog a like if you think I should put up more of these kinds of blogs!